Goold old Webbski and I

Goold old Webbski and I

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Bye To An Old Friend

Well, I decided to post a picture of my dog Chief with my little brother and I after a successful day of pheasant hunting. The reason is because Chief died today, and that makes me sad. He had gotten really sick in the last two weeks and my dad took him down to the vet today and the vet said he had a heart murmur, and possibly cancer that had rapidly attacked his body. My dad said he took him down to the vet, and went inside to get the paperwork and came out and Chief was just sitting there, looking out the window of the car and it was hard to take him inside. He took him in, and they laid him on the table, then the doctor put the shot in him and my dad held him as he passed on. He said he drove home and Chief was just curled up on the passenger seat and then they buried him next to my other dog Champ. Anyway, it's been hard, he was a great dog and a great friend and will be missed immensely by me. . .


Chris & Jennie said...

Oh Jeff, that was so sad. I just keep crying every day. Cute post though, and nice tribute to Cheif. We miss him a lot around here today; it's so strange not to have him outside. So, once again, it's been another tearful day. He was a great doggie!

The Seely's said...

Hey Jeff,
Its your old neighbor Alyse. That is so sad! Bea had pretty much the same situation last November. She was 15. Crazy to think you are marrying Hailey Del. I am so happy for you two, it makes me smile. Good luck in a week and I will see ya hopefully at the dinner!